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Well I got my blood test back yesterday from the Doctor, and guess what? I am perfectly FINE. Everything came back exceptionally good! I'm not Diabetic (not even close), no Arthritis, no Gout, great Cholesterol, I'm not Anemic, Sodium/Potassium/Chloride levels are all normal, my LIPIDs are outstanding, I'm not sick with anything and my Cardiac Risk factor is only 1.05%. So apparently, my foot and hand pains are something else entirely. My Doctor says I am probably over-worked and doing physical damage to myself without realizing it and wants me to follow up on this with X-Rays next week.

Phew! I was REALLY worried that they would diagnose me with Diabetes. I eat really bad and I've been eating bad for literally DECADES. Plus, I never... EVER drink water. I dunno why, I just don't. And alot of the time, I skip meals for days (which I really shouldn't do). So yeah, I thought this time it had finally caught up to me, but NOPE! I have escaped again! :)

Needless to say, I really need to change the way I eat now (and I have to stick with it this time). My Doctor told me that even though my blood work is great, even better than her own, I'm at the age where it can easily change on me, especially with the way I eat. Therefore, I will be set up with a Nutritionist soon. She's hoping that this will straighten out my eating habits. It's also possible that I have an eating disorder.

And on that note, I'm hungry and will now go on a quest for food... GOOD food. :)

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