Metroid (metroid) wrote,

New mobile "pwn"...

This is borderline old news now, but here it goes..

My beloved Sidekick phone died a couple of weeks ago and I needed a replacement:

The LG Voyager.

It has all the mobile goodies that I crave:

A snazzy keyboard...

Can browse the web...

And it takes absolutely killer pictures:

A pallet of Coke cans at work.

Jenny and Chance being silly.

A wandering box turtle that Chance caught.

It does a bunch of other stuff too, MP3's, Videos, Email, Blue-Tooth, it has a touch-screen, does Mobile Tv (yes, it receives Tv, but I didn't bother subscibing to that plan). Honestly, it's more phone than I need, but we get a huge deal on them from work and it came out to be alot cheaper than getting an iPhone.

So I got one.

Rest in peace lil' Sidekick! :)

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